Meeting Together

Whilst we are not able to meet freely together in larger groups or indoors the resources below may be of use to you in both meeting with others to grow faith, but also share your faith with others.

A message from Pastor Alex (2/7/20)

Hello friends!
I am sure like me you were really glad to hear the latest announcement last week saying that we can now start meeting together in more ways as the summer moves forward.
Hannah, Sarah, Ruth and others have already begun working out the practicalities of this to allow us to comply with government guidelines.  The deacons will need to have a significant role in agreeing all these new parameters as our trustees. We anticipate being able to start being together in more and more ways over the months ahead.  We are still waiting on exact guidelines to be issued around a number of key things, but the restrictions are likely to be very limiting initially.  It is going to be quite a while for most things we imagine as “church” to be accessible or to take place in a building. A majority of churches seem to be holding off moving to physical meetings until some of those core restrictions lift, probably in September.
In the next few weeks the deacons will be finalising how our risk assessment and protection might look. We will begin meeting with our congregational leadership teams in the weeks ahead to help each team figure out what will work best for their congregation and how we can help to facilitate those next steps.  
But there are some things we can do.
We already have plans to try and move our next 24hr prayer in July back into a physical space as well as online.  We are hoping to close out the prayer event with a special time of praise on the last Saturday of July, possibly gathering together outside.  
Of course, through all this we will need to continue all the online options for connecting with God and connecting with each other.  They are going to be needed for a long time yet for many people and for now remain our way of gathering.
Details on all of this will continue to come through emails and zoom chats.  But we want to be careful not rush back but venture forwards, making sure we are looking after everyone as best we can. And recognising the restrictions at present are very restrictive!
Before then, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to be in contact!
Every blessing as we move into this next season of loving people and being courageous in mission.
Pastor Alex

Prayer Ideas

Did you know recent research has shown that one in twenty people have started praying since lockdown!  This is a fantastic opportunity for us to speak to friends and family about how and why we pray.  To help you do this we have copies of ‘try praying’ a booklet designed for those with no religious background or experience to do as the title suggests and try praying.  Who could you give a copy to?  Sign up for a copy below.
We have put together several resources designed to help you prayer walk with others, they can be used in pairs or small groups of six people sitting in a garden!  
Check out the Prayer Ideas file which you can use for Bible based prayer points or the Sensory Prayer Walk file which has prayer ideas based on using your five senses.  You could also always use one of these two spotify playlists as you pray (here and here), these are free to listen to (you just need to sign up for a free account).

Study Guides

As restrictions on meeting together reduce we want to make resources available to you to enable you to be missional and to study the Bible together. 
Read through the resources available and sign up for the ones you think would be useful.  Could you study the Bible with someone one-to-one?  Could your small group meet within current social distancing guidelines?  Could you take someone interested in faith through the Explore course?
Explore (FREE): Designed to be done one-to-one with those interested in the Christian faith this course can be completed in 4 sessions and goes through sections of the book of Mark.  Sign up for copies here, if you want multiple copies please write a comment in the notes.
Who Is This Man? (FREE):  Also designed to be studied one-to-one and especially for new to the Christian faith these 8 sessions also look at the book of Mark.  Sign up for copies here, if you want multiple copies please write a comment in the notes.
Studies in Luke (FREE):  Every week a new small group study is added to the website to track alongside the Sunday Connection materials.  Find the latest studies here –
The Prayer Course (FREE):  This 8 session online course from 24-7 Prayer could be done by anyone or any group and focuses on studying the Lord’s Prayer access it for free here –
Good Book Guides Luke (TO BUY):  To track alongside the Luke Sunday Connections why not study Luke with your small group using the Good Book Guides from –
Moving Toward Mission (TO BUY):  This practical course focuses on how your small group can reach out to the community around you.  Designed to be studied over 8 sessions this guide can be purchased below for £5 per copy.  Sign up to purchase here.
Guides won’t be sent out until after 15th June.
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